I'm depressed cause I never joined a sorority and pretty much have no friends?

I'm a senior in college and never rushed, I don't necessarily regret it but I feel like if I had, I would have had a better college experience and wouldn't have been or be so lonely. I have a lot of school work to do but I just have this pain in my heart, that my life could be a lot better right now if I had rushed but instead I'm going back to school, don't have plans to see anyone and I'm usually always alone. I just want to lay in bed and give up? Like I've been trying for awhile to make friends but no one really sticks and I just feel like my life is over honestly.


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  • That's too bad.


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  • You're being overly dramatic. Look around you. You have the opportunity to study in college, you can succeed, you can make contacts, yet you choose to be sad over it instead of constantly trying.

    • well what am i supposed to do. great guys are in frats... guys who can pay for dates and are smart. im stuck w losers who barely talk to me and can't go anywhere for dinner with a tablecloth...

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