Girls, what are your thoughts on dating coaches? Guys can chime in if ya want?

This lady on YouTube, she's a dating coach for men on how to attract women.

For approaching women, a great way to exclude confidence is to go up to one and say "hi, my name is etc, I think your very attractive and we should go out". I hear it's really great.

Your thoughts?


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  • i think it's great for people who really need a guide to dating and just getting themselves out there.
    for the most part though, i think it's nice for a person to just go with the flow of how they feel and create their own moments too.

    if u wanna try it, then awesome give it a go. just make sure u don't use it meticulously and forget to put yourself into it too :)

    • What if a guy did that to you?

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    • haha well thank u! LOL totally free of charge... for the first time anyway :P
      in all honesty it really isn't as hard as u think. if it was id tell u. u just gotta know a few basics, believe in them and you're set!

      we do like being approached for the most part, but some of us are brave enough to do the approaching. realistically, it won't happen as often as you'd like it too.

      good luck! =]

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  • Yea just be genuine and dont use pickuplines bc they r lame and never work. by the way r u talking about Kezia?

    • Nope, her name is Deanna, can't remember last name. Heard of kezia, what do you think? She credible?

    • I haven't heard of Deanna, but i may look her up later. I personally think that one line statement is too forward and perhaps u could lengthen the interaction before u ask for a date. Keep in mind she only just met u and is still probably surprised or overwhelmed or nervous straight off the bat. When she is like this she is most likely gonna say no just bc he feels uncomfortable and not necessarily about whether u r attractive or not. Its good to start off with hi my name is. Or perhaps a comment or convo starter. But after that your job is to sell yourself as a nice guy showing postive attractive qualities and making her feel comfortable. When she feels more comfortablt then i would ask for her number or ask her on a date or whatever. She has had time to absorb the situation and seen that u cn hold a convo with her and has had a brief glance at your personality to make a judgement on whether or not she likes u or not.

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  • It's not for me personally I just do my own thing but for those that it need, go for it.


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