What did I do? Please help. Heartbroken and confused?

My boyfriend tells me how much he loves me
wants to spend the rest of his life with me
I'm the one
I'm perfect
I'm his soulmate

his ex's tried splitting us up, didn't mind him being friends with them.
Got fed up of the ex's verbally attacking me despite me not reacting or responding to them.
Sookento my boyfriend he kicks off
gave ultimatum me or the ex's I want them blocked being friends with them isn't working and it's ruining our relationship.
He blocked them he refused to talk about hints that wer said we broke up.
Decided to make amends have a fresh start
only get chance to see him weekends was supposed to meet him Friday
I was busy at work and had to keep my replies short he thought I was being awkward so he decided not to meet up.
I was annoyed as I cancelled plans so we could meet up and have a good chat and start over. I rang him he refused to let me speak and shouted at me telling me I wouldn't listen then he suddenly told me it was over he's blocked me and refuses to see or speak to me?
He told me he loved me he wanted to buy a house with me next year and settle down?
What happend? What do I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • What you did wrong was you feel in love with an immature jerk. The best thing you can do is put him behind you and move on. If he is too immature to talk and has blocked you, he's not worth your tears.

    • He's suffering depression and he needs to see a doctor But can't what with him being away all the time. He's so angry at the moment and I don't n wo why I'm taking the brunt is it one of those where unhurt the ones you love the most he has no family and with talk of Christmas he's missing them even more ur right be is behaving very immaturely but I'd love to talk to him and I don't know how? do u think he will contact me if I leave him alone

What Girls Said 1

  • He sounds like an immature little prick who chose his friendships with his ex's over you. Any real man would have stuck up for you and told the ex's to step off. Now he is trying to make you feel bad because you were busy at work... he's hiding something and his best line of defense is offence.

    Sorry hun, walk away before you get too tangled in his web of control!


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