Why would my girlfriend ignore SOME of my texts?

She doesn't ignore them completely. Let's say for example my text contained 2 questions, I care more about getting a response for question 1 than 2. She'll briefly answer question 2, but completely ignore question 1. Do some of you girls and guys do this? I'll always try to answer/respond/comment on all questions or things she says.


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  • i dont think its on purpose i think the question u asked was either difficult to answer or awkward for her to reply too so she ignored it.

    i ignored a guys questions because they upset me, offended me, made me feel uncomfortable or just insulted me.

    one guy i dated asked me if i could suck his dick and i never answered. another guy asked me to borrow money and i never replied.

    if u want an answer to all your questions and want her to be interested in you, then make sure you respect her and treat her right.

    • I wish that were the case. However, they're just small talk questions that go unanswered, for example:
      Me: How's your day been?
      GF: Good, how's yours?
      Me: Mine was good! I did blah blah blah, what did you do?
      GF: *ignores that last question* Hey, do you wanna *some other random question*?

      She seems to avoid my question by asking another question off topic. She does this quiet often and while this isn't a huge issue to me, it just made me curious.

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  • Because she has her own life to live...

    • Haha I know that. That's not the point. It's just that WHEN we are texting she does that. I'm not asking why she doesn't reply or why she takes long. I'm asking why she would answer some but not all of them.

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  • maybe? 1 is to personal/hard to answer or maybe she's embarassed to share her answer


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