Do Korean guys like blonde British girls?

Do Korean guys like tall blonde British girls?


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  • The guys in Korean dramas are not an accurate representation of Korean guys, I have met a lot of Koreans and a more accurate representation of Korean guys can be found by typing into google "League of Legends professionals". Almost all Korean guys play video games some extremely unhealthy amounts of it, I dont know about you but that doesn't seem like someone you would want to be dating. The dramas are fake, and what you see on them is not real Korean guys, those guys are like 1 in 100 in Korea. I'm sure the gamer guys would love you though since they dont really get much action, and since you are an exotic foreigner.

    • I don't watch the dramas, I was just wondering in general as I find them to be really attractive

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    • Yep, not saying Koreans are ugly, or bad or anything, just saying they are not what you think they are from Korean pop culture. Feel free to date one, you probably would be able to since your an exotic foreigner, but just be aware that the vast majority of them are gamers who dont look like the Kpop guys. If you like guys that game 10 hours a day (trust me I have met some Koreans like this) then you can find them in Korea, if you like guys that game 5 hours a day you can also find them, but finding a Korean guy that doesn't game at all will be difficult so just keep that in mind.

    • Thanks, your opinion is actually quite informative.

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  • I believe some would. I dated a Korean guy before (I'm American with brown hair, Caucasian). He was really nice and very polite.


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  • I'm sure some do.


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