Is my boyfriend worth staying with? Is he abusive? HELP?

ok so my boyfriend dumped me a couple weeks ago and things leading up to the break up were stress with school, his dad, and he recently got in trouble with the law. He broke up with me really rudely and then stormed out. About a week later he apologized and then said he really wants to talk in person. A few days later when we were suppose to meet and talk this out he called me up and said he wasent coming anymore and kept cussing at me and then yelled at me F*** you dont you ever f***** talking to me again. About a week later he called apologizing saying he was sorry for how he treated me and said he misses me and was looking back at our pictures. Weve been dating for a little over a year. Throughout the realtionship there has been a huge problem with his drinking. He would binge like crazy on special occasions when he said he wouldent and whenever he would go out with his buddies he would get extremely drunk and then he did cocaine again and lied about it. I am 19 and he is 25 and we are both in college. He also has a bad temper. Half the time towards the end of our relationship i felt like i was walking on egg shells because i was afraid to talk to him about something because he may get really upset and proceed to punching the wall, ripping the door handle off, or throwing things. I love him so much but all of these things scare me but i dont know why he keeps screwing me over and then apologizing. Is he asking for another chance? Do i leave him? Please Help:(


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  • Except the drinking everything sounds normal


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  • Now this is my opinion just from the outside looking in. He is not a good force in your life right now. By that I mean is he dragging around a lot of negative energy a girl like you does not need at 19. problems with his dad and his drinking problem are just the start. You said it yourself that you are scared at times. Is that any way you should feel if you love a guy.
    Now the whole cocaine/trouble with the law thing is an entirely different monster. A more evil one. That could also get you in trouble as well.
    What if you were driving with him, he gets pulled over, the cops find coke and he blames it on you?

    He is 6 years older than you. He needs to figure himself out.
    Read this part carefully: You are NOT obligated to fix or help him. Please please focus on you and where you're going with your own life and if you do not feel safe please leave the relationship.


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  • You leave because he's abusive and you deserve to be treated like a queen not a piece of dirt and he needs rehab for his drinking


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