Is my girlfriend jealous of this other girl that i'm great friends with? If so what can I do?

I been dating my girlfriend for 4 months and when i go see my friend which is a girl, she doesn't really like that. I think it began when she hugged me infront of her. But my friend always hugs everyone. We all go to the same school and we had like dinner night thing for our school and so my friend sat with me and my girlfriend was beside me too. My friend didn't see me for 3 weeks or so so we caught up and stuff and my girlfriend texted me "it seems like i'am a wall cause your not talking to me, only her". Did i do anything bad? and would you say my girlfriend is jealous? My friend does look good i can admit but we're just friends.


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  • She is jealous. Ignoring your girlfriend completely for another girl is rude. It shouldn't be a huge deal though.

    Just try talking to your girlfriend about how she's feeling and reassure her that the other girl is only a friend if she's feeling insecure in your relationship.

    • ill talk with her again

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  • Separate the time you spend with both of them, belive me your health at risk... :(

    • i dont spend too much time together with my friend.

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    • ill talk to her maybe, slowly talk to her about it

    • Gl, not an easy subject

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