How do you know if a guy likes you?

If a guy is a hard working man ( by man I mean 19-20 year old ). How do you know if they like you? Like he posts stuff about being too busy to haves a lot of females and that if he did a girl that she wouldn't even get a lot of attention. But like we hung out ONE TIME after texting for like 9 months and we hung out we kissed and he told me to text him the next day and I did but I didn't get a reply. And he hasn't posted pictures with girls or showed any sign of talking to any girls either


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  • Id move on. If he really liked you he would have made you a priority and texted you back. Don't get stuck in the will he won't he trap. It goes nowhere. Like if he texted you, you'd text back right? So expect the same from him. If he doesn't meet basic expectations cut him loose.


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