Guy gave me a ride home tonight and I forgot to say thanks for the ride so I dm him on fb and said thanks for the ride. Do you think he will respond?

Yes I know this is a stupid question.

I also know know the guy likes me and he was the one that invited to go the party, but he told me he losesinterest if he knows the girl likes him back.
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  • Looks like you owe him a ride! ;]

    JK! What you did was good, always thank people for free stuff.
    I think he's lying though, why would you lose interest if a girl liked you back? "Oh, she wants to jump my bones too now, guess I don't like her anymore..."

    • Wow. 😂😂

      Surely he. It was a weird thing to say. Everything is all good now. I'm going on a date with him hahaha 😊😄

  • You're over thinking it !


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