How to approach an introverted man?

I really like this guy in my class. He has made eye contact with me several times but then when I want to get into a conversation with him is almost impossible because he ignores me, and at times when I talk to him he keeps the conversation about the class only. How do I start a conversation with this guy? How do I approach him? HELP! I really like this guy.


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  • First of all... this kind of a guy is a KEEPER... dont let this guy go even if u have to chase him for years and to hell...
    1. never talk to any other guy... coz introvert guys are very judgmental that if a girl is talking to guys... she is extrovert... or in a relation with that guy... so AVOID it...
    2. chase him in the hallways or in breaks... just be near him... proximity
    3. as soon as u enter the class... make eye contact with him and when u leave the class... always stare him.
    if u do all of these... consistently... I can guarantee u.. he will talk to u 100%...
    always remember 1st point... it is EXTREMELY important with introverted guys...

    • Omg thank you so much, I sure will try this.

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    • Best of luck ... may god give u the present of this guy...
      i just hope he doesn't have a girlfriend... :D :D :D

    • Geez I hope so too! 😕

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