Does this boy like me?

Signs a guy likes you? I am trying to see if I am in the friendzone or not, I feel like he likes me because we're playful and he's always touching me like grabbing my hand for 1 second, grabbing my shirt (not sexual ), lightly pushing me, he sits REALLY close to me whenever we sit down somewhere like on a bench, he asked me if I'm a virgin and if I'm talking to anyone that I like right now, and we text at least 5 days out of the week. (He starts the conversation 90% of the time) What do you think? Also what are other signs a guy may like a girl? And how to tell if he's a fuckboy or not? Thanks!! And he used to be a player but "changed" , he's had sex a lot and knows I'm a virgin
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  • he wants to fck you


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