How can you tell if he likes me?

this guy I like said I'm beautiful and sweet and I have a sweet voice. My friend asked him why doesn't he talk to me face to face and he said he is shy around pretty girls. Every time we pass in the halls I see him look at me then he looks at the ground and fixes his hair when he passes me. We talk all the time and we play soccer together but we never hang out.


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  • I couldn't agree more, 2HypeElements. The shy types like me will often sneak some looks at our crushes when we think your not looking, and if you turn around we'll get nervous and look away. I always remember all the details of things the girl I like tells me, haha I got so excited when she remembered something I told her, so showing the littlest amount of interest would make his day. Anyway, this guy is probably shy but likes you enough to try to stop being shy, hence why he called you beautiful. But he still gets nervous around girls, especially those he likes. I know my heart always skips a beat when I see my crush in the halls. Give him some time and CLEAR SIGNALS YOU LIKE HIM and he'll come around. Or just invite him to hang out if you want to speed things up.


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