Should I wait for him?

I love him so much I don't care how he looks to me... Yes he and I are good friends and he has been giving me mixed signals about it and it's confusing!😞 Please respectful answers... If not you will regret it.
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  • Have you told him how you feel? If you haven't than tell him don't wait any longer.

    • Yes I did, but all he said was that he can't date until he's in his 20s. I am willing to wait if he likes me back. Then I said that I would date him and he said "Uhhh, ok" and then the other day I asked him if he likes anyone and he said no, not "yet". I felt happy and I want to be the first. This guy has been giving me mixed signals. Okay so this day I told him to stay still for 10 seconds and he did. I hugged him and he started to get tense and shaking and he said 5,4,3,2,1! Then he got out of the hug. Whenever I try to hug him he tries to get away, he doesn't push me. Then two of my friends said, "Ewwww! Why him when you're skinny and he is..." This made me feel bad and i said it doesn't matter.

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