Will he notice my confidence?

I've become close to this guy and i thought he may have been interested in me, and i even crashed at his house one weekend and he slept on the floor while i took his bed, nothing happened. When we first started talking it was a little bit flirty and he would always invite me to join him to study and stuff, but now its so platonic and casual.

Sometimes I come off as conservative and too nice, so I want to kind of "womanize" myself. I really like him, but I feel he sees me as a younger sister or something. I kind of have a baby face and I guess I'm kind of shy sometimes. I once asked if he thought so, and he said sometimes I seem nervous.

Would he notice if I suddenly got confident? How should I do it?


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  • Here's my advise... Just tell him how you feel.
    Playing games, dropping hints and subtle clues may never go anywhere and is a waste of time for both parties after a point. If you like some one let them know when you feel its time or appropriate. If they dont feel the same way and reject you its going to hurt but at least you know and can move on. Whether you believe in the friend zone or not, time is your enemy until your officially in a relationship.

    One thing i have learned is that regret hurts more then rejection. The thought of what could have been is so much worse then knowing that you tried.


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