Cell phones in relationships. How do you'd handle it?

Hay guys and girls out there I desperately need your opinion on "cell phones within a relationship".
How many of your girls trust your man but are dying to get in his phone just to see if he is being as loyal as you? Or is it our own insecurity that's making us want to do this?
And men out there how many of you are curious enough to no what's in your women's phone?
See my mind sometimes wonders into wanting to buy this software I came across witch gives access to everything in someone else's phone.
No, he doesn't give me any reason to want to look.

- he leaves his phone lying around
- shows me things in his phone
- profile pic on Facebook is me and him kissing
- no weird text at random hours
-no random phone calls
-doesn't his his phone at all ( although it has a pw)
He doesn't have my password nor do I have his.
But deep inside I'm just dying to get ahold of his phone out of curiosity ! Why can't I stop wondering what's in it? Why doesn't he care to ask to look through mine? We have been seeing each other for almost two years now. And he is very loyal. Spends every night with me and no one text him past 10 . Like he is a good guy , works and is all about me , but I just want to look in his phone so bad. Help!!!


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  • This was one of the things that led me to end things with my ex. She was constantly going on my phone. I've got nothing to hide, but I never expressed ANY interest in her phone. I felt as if she didn't trust me, so I didn't want to waste my time with someone who didn't trust me.


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  • I don't know, I talk about pretty fucked up stuff with my best friend. Wouldn't really want anyone to see that.
    And he always makes dark or very sexual jokes about my crushes, and I go along with it because that shit makes me laugh (username), so I wouldn't want my future girlfriend to see that either.

    But, I don't have any lockscreen on my phone so...

    • awwe thats toad sweet... hahah

    • Yea that's one reason y I haven't taken those opportunities that I had to look. Cus maybe he texting his guy about a crush and it's a celebrity and I blow it out of this world thinking it's something els

    • I'm glad you can see thataybe you'd be the one overreacting. Seems like most girls don't think about that.

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  • I don't look through my man's phone unless I'm already suspicious, and it has always proven to be for good reason.

    I do borrow it to use apps I don't have or if mine is dead though. I'd let him do the same if he asked. It would offend me if he checked through it, but then he wouldn't find anything and I'd wonder what made him suspicious.

  • I know he's not talking to anyone behind my back lmao we're not ghetto trash and he shows me and tells me constantly how much he loves me 😊

    • What does being ghetto trash have to do with anything

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    • Thanks 😊😊

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