I know that I'm in love, but how to find with who?

I'm dating two girls right now have a great time and a lot of fun with both of them and also feel love but don't know wich girl I love or love the most.
Is there anyway to find it out?
and no they don't know about eachother.


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  • Why the hell are you cheating? Which you're essentially doing, especially if they don't know about one another. Dump one. If you're not "in love" with that one then you know. But good luck getting her after.

    • Dont know who to dump and who to continue with.

    • No other way but to guess. Can't keep screwing with them both.

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  • No easy answer.


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  • You just got a piece of incredibly good news. Quick; which girl do you call first?

    • The girl A!

    • Welllll... there's a start. The one who you feel closest too emotionally has the edge over the other. And the one you'd call first to share news, good or bad, is the one you have a slightly better emotional connection with.

      When my daughter can't make up her mind about something, I toss a coin between her options. If it lands on one option and she gets sad because it wasn't option two, I know that in her heart it was option two she really wanted all along even if she didn't know herself. Toss a coin and tell yourself you will cut off contact with the other girl. Then see how you feel after the toss. Obviously you won't base your decision on a coin toss, but your subconscious could give you information about how you really feel.

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