Girls, Is she playing hard to get? Does she not like me?

So Im 16 and I've been talking to this girl from my college for about 3 weeks. When we used to text she'd call me 'b' and 'babe' , constantly send kisses, use the emoji of two eyes, kiss face, wink face, and the emoji of a just a tongue on its own. Like i made it obvious i liked her over text, id upfront call her hot, and use kisses and call her babe. In person, whenever i'd talk to her and even when i was just in close proximity to her she'd always be preening, like playing with her hair, fixing her top, watch, jacket. Im not a funny person, yet shed laugh at my jokes. She brought up the idea of me tutoring her, i then asked her about a week after if i could tutor her, she said "omg yes yes please, id love that xx".

So i started tutoring her, when the day came i thought, this is the day i make my move, 1 hour before i started tutoring her, my friend whos a girl came up to me and told me she's been talking to the girl about me. How she said im "fit" out of the blue, when my friend asked the girl if she liked me she said "i dont know". So When i tutored the girl, i straight said to her: "I dont know if your just being friendly or if you like me, but i like you, i think we get on really well, what do you say to me taking you out on the weekend?" Her reply was "i dont know if i like you like that yet, ill think about it". A couple hours later she texts me saying she just sees me as a friend... should i stop pursuing eventhough it seems as if she likes me?


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  • Yeah, I think you probably should. It sounds like you should've prolonged the flirting a bit more to lead up to asking her out


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