What are the does and don't when looking for a boyfriend?

This may sound shocking but I haven't dated anybody since I was 15 and back then my parents were very strict about dating and I had to fight my parent's for my own opinions when i was still 19, I am 20 now and my parents still try to force going to parents evening at college ,

My first and only boyfriend till now lasted only one day because I my dad forced me to break up with him and i haven't dated anyone since,
and I have no idea how to talk to guys anymore,

I think I am a rookie at dating because of the way my parents treated me and the fact i haven't dated anyone in years and perhaps if i keep behaving the way now I am I might die alone,

could you give me some tips & tricks?


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  • Don't date spivs or morons, if you are a girl of class and you don't have daddy issues you'll spot them immediately.

    • Thanks for mho!

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  • Dude! Sorry I don't have an answer but I can tell you that you aren't alone because I don't know how to date anyone either. My longest "relationship" was a month and I really don't count it because we were distant the whole time. seems like everyone just knows what to say and how to act and I'm the odd one out. I hope someone can both give us an answer


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