After 2 years he say we were never in a relationship? Really?

Friday night he start talking crazy, so I asked him what are we. He didn't respond until today. He said we was never in a relationship. So I went off on him and told him I'll prove him wrong and show him all the texts messages he sent me. On one he said what's mines is yours, and what's yours is mines and on another he said I was gone cheat on him just like his ex's did. Them just few of the texts he sent me. I respect his decision but don't try to make me look like an fool. Was I wrong for going off?


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  • No u vr right but there's no point in proving anything to him

    • Your right. I was gone send him those texts, I had found my old phone and everything just to prove him wrong, but I'm going to just walk away. It hurts but I'm going to leave it as that

    • It's gonna get better

What Girls Said 1

  • He explained he didn't consider you to be in a relationship despite behaving in a way that gave you that impression. So did you assume you were, or actually have a dicussion about being in an exclusive, committed relationship?

    • Ya I assumed we where. Who tells someone "what's yours is mines and what's mines is yours". Or you gone cheat on me like all my ex's did

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    • He the one who said we were in a relationship

    • You just said he didn't say that. So are you thinking of times he may of implied that you were in a relationship, and just changing your own memories to support you belief? Or did he actually say you're his girlfriend, and then claim to not be in a relationship with you after two years of referring to you as his gf? Either way, there's no point in arguing with him about it, because you can't force him to change how he felt about your relationship, whatever it was, and you can't make him say you were his girlfriend, when he didn't think you were.

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