Do guys who drink, party & are promiscuous and all of that like tame girls who are the opposite of them?

Furthermore do guys like that only like girls when they want to have sex with them or could the be interested in more?
Anyone else


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  • Why do tame girls choose to date promiscuous partyboy guys who are the opposite of them?

    • I'm just wondering about this guy I know. I wouldn't date someone who I know wouldn't be faithful to me

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    • Well I guess it's possible that he really wants to settle down but it's also possible he knows you like him and is trying to take advantage of that by getting you to let your guard down and have sex with you.

      Also even if he does choose to settle down with you, what's to say he'll actually be loyal to you?

    • There's no reason for him to think I like him... He's the one who always initiates. He's the one who wants me to sit near him all the time. He's the one flirting and I don't really flirt back half the time. He touches me ALL THE TIME (on the lower back, hair, back, almost everywhere) and it gets on my nerve!

  • My sense is that to a somewhat surprising degree, wild/badboy type guys go after good girls.

    My best theory is to why is that these sorts of guys have had a lot of success with girls, and anticipate that any girl they are with they can get to do sexual things they want. Additionally, they've had a lot of women hook up/cheat WITH them, and tend to be MORE concerned about faithfulness of a partner. They prefer a girl who is 'hard' to get so other guys will have trouble getting her to cheat, confident they can turn her into a freak.

    By contrast, nicer/quieter guys are often less confident in getting the sex they want, less likely to push an average girl into doing what THEY want sexually, less worried about cheating, have a more naive/positive (take your pick) view of female morals, and some like overtly sexual girls (while others want a quiet girl like themselves). But the wilder girls tend NOT to like quieter guys.

    So we end up having wild guys sleep with wild girls while dating good girls (maybe both of these at the same time), while nice boys are in the friendzone. And everyone's happy. Wait not everyone, just the douchebags ;)

    • I know I was thinking about how a lot of these guys want their girl to remain faithful while they themselves are not faithful AT ALL. This is so annoying to me like what the hell if you want me to be faithful you should be too!

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