Is my boyfriend trying to sabotage our relationship? Help! :( ?

I brought up to my boyfriend two nights ago how I couldn't see a future without him during a deep conversation. We have been dating for a little over six months and are long-distance, we live in two different states but we have met each other and stayed with one another. Today I was asking him about possibly going to school in my state to get a degree so that we can spend time together but all he responded with was, "I don't ever want to leave my state." I really love him and we are usually very sweet and open with each other. Do you think I scared him the other night and do you think we have a chance of working everything out?

@madsdmads I am 21 and he is 24-- he lives alone


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  • I dont think thats sabotage. By the sound of it he seems like he's 18 as well? Im not sure of yours and his situation but presumably he lives with his family and all of his friends are where he is at. Since you two are in a long distance relationship and dont see each other in person everyday, the thought of leaving everyone and everything he knows behind to move to another state is scary.

    Put yourself in his shoes

  • Are you ok with living in his state? Otherwise your relationship might fail.


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