Girls, I have a huge attraction to guys who are tall, strong, confident and dominant, but they turn out to be jerks. Can you relate?

I'm attractive, have an hourglass shape and a flat belly. I met such a guy at a bar and he approached me confidently, complimented me and made me laugh. He had some crazy stories to tell. We went on a few dates. One day I was out with friends at a nightclub and I happened to meet him there. He bought me a drink. I was fixing my hair and my top lifted and he lifted it higher and tickled my belly. We danced and he had his arms around my waist and he kissed my neck. I tied my shirt to get some breeze and I sat next to him. He leaned over and started kissing my belly and I let him take me home. I kind of regret doing that so soon, and I can't say how he'll be now.


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  • Oh yeah big deal. Same


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