Ex seems to be moving on with an EXACT replica of me? What's that about?

We split in May. He refused to even talk to me and to this day he still has no time for me. Talking to him is like drawing blood from a stone to be honest.

So yeah; he quite clearly hates me, right?

Yet the latest girl he seems to be him to has big dark eyes, dark hair and pale skin like me. Same height. Petite and slim. She also has a 6 year old kid with the same name that my ex and I wanted to call our first kid. She also happens to have the exact same job as me.

The only difference is that she's a few years older with tattoos and piercings. She also seems to be kinda similar in nature to me as well? But with a little more attitude about her. Only real difference is that I'd say she has a prettier face than me.

I just wonder though, why on earth would my ex go for someone similar to me... when he evidently hates me so much?
  • She's hot so he wants her
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  • She might remind him of you a little, even if it's subconscious
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  • He's possibly rebounding
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  • He's completely and utterly moved on
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  • It is probably the type he likes and therefore she has similar features.

    • Yeah I'm surmising that.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Love is close to hate. Whatever happened between you both which lead to him cutting you out of his life doesn't mean he doesn't have some feelings for you however much they are. It's more than likely this new woman does remind him of you but the fact that she isn't you is also appealing to him eg whatever reason you fell out for.

    I had something similar happen and I convinced myself otherwise over and over again because he literally hated me that much. Then in time I saw he'd literally turn up places I'd frequent and keep up to date with stuff I liked eg music restaurants sporting events etc and I realised he was still in love with me but that despite that fact sometimes you're both just better off being apart and with other people than in an unhealthy relationship.

    • I hear ya. Only thing is, I do feel as if there's no feelings on his part. I still get emotional when I'm talking to him. And yeah, there will indeed be an appeal with this girl not being me. Good shout.

      Really? So, did he come across as hating you to start with... then you started to see him around again? Also, how did that work out in the end, did you give it another try with him? You're right though, sometimes it's better to be with other people. I just don't know why I'm having such a hard time letting go of him to be honest. I thought we were always gonna be together. As cheesy as that sounds...

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    • One more thing... don't restrict yourself if other men come your way when you're ready to date again. You never know... you may hit the jackpot with the next guy. ;)

    • You're right... I'll bear this in mind, maybe I will hit the jackpot ;) 🌈

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  • Guys have certain types of girls they like.
    Looks wise. I'm sure he doesn't hate you unless you did something to him. You need to just get on with your own life and stop dwelling on her. You are only hurting yourself.

    • Yeah, he has a particular type I guess. He does though, he's completely shut off towards me :/. And too right I'm only hurting myself... I guess I wanted him back, and now there's no way of fixing it.

    • Just move on with your life. Remember any mistakes only to learn from and dont beat yourself up. its all in the past. You'll be just fine without him.

    • Yeah, I'm sure you're right.

  • He likes certain physical features, but it doesn't mean it's about you. Don't worry yourself with who he's dating or why.

    • I know it's not about me. I still just find it odd though out of everyone he could have been with.

  • That just sounds really creepy... Weird guy.

    • Why is it weird? I think he's already realised she's nothing like me personality wise.

    • Just, you know the whole situation: she looks exactly like you, the son's name...

  • Oh gee, dark features with pale skin, yeah because that's such a rare combination. I mean really? Why do you care? Are you trying to get satisfaction in knowing there's a slight chance you're still on his mind? He isn't talking to you and he's moved on to another girl. Who cares if she's your bloody twin. He ain't with you.

    • It's none of your bloody business why I care. None of this has answered my question!

    • Idc care about your pathetic ass life lmao. He's having sex with your upgrade , get over it , he doesn't CARE , that's his type you desperate ass lmao

    • Haha ok :) somebody obviously isn't too happy with her own life ;) but whatever makes you feel better about yourself honey! :)

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