The end of the semester is approaching and I'm into my lab partner, what should I do?

I'm interested in my lab partner that I've had this semester. He's really kind and sweet. I haven't flirted and I don't think he really has either. I don't know what to do because after the semester ends if I don't initiate anything I'll probably never see him again. I figured that if the interest was mutual he would've given me some signs. I'm very shy so this is hard for me. Should I just leave it and assume he'll say no? I wish he'd just ask me out but poop.
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  • Go for it! If you're too shy to do it in person, add him over Facebook and message him! That way, you don't really have that much pressure. Maybe add him and let him know you had questions regarding a lab so that it's not too straight forward. That way, if you have him added, you can still communicate with him and slowly drop hints that you have an interest in him! Maybe he's shy too, so he hasn't dropped hints. When a girl intiates, I'd say it boosts your chance cause not many girls initiate and when they do, guys really really appreciate their efforts, so go for it!


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  • You got take a deep breath and ask the big question! You might look like an idiot but don't live with regret!


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  • "Hey cutie, I think we have chemistry, and I'm not talking about our class"

    I come up with the cheesiest shit lol

  • Initiate and just tell him you really enjoyed working with him and maybe you two can go out for a coffee or lunch.


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