Soon to be girlfriend, but she doesn't know?

I've been chatting with a friend of my best friend for a few months and things are going really well, it's just a matter of time before we are going steady.

My friend set me some snapshots of a conversation between him and her about her and how she told him that she thinks I'm really cute and she really thinks we'll be together soon... He also told her what a good guy I would be for her.

But I have a deep secret which I am really ashamed about. I have seen prostitutes in moments of pure horniness. Neither my friend nor the girl know about this.

After seeing how my friend is buttering me up, I feel unworthy of the things he told her, I feel ashamed of seeing the prostitutes, four times...

Advice please?


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  • Get an STD test done and make sure you are clean, then basically keep it to your self. No harm, no foul. It happened in the past, water under the bridge.


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  • Have you gotten yourself tested for disease? I think if the two of you get together and down the road if you two decide to become sexually active you should tell her if she asks. But besides that as long as you're clean it'a not necessary to tell her about it out of the blue in my opinion.


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