Why are we still flirting and hanging out?

Yesterday this same guy I have had a crush on, on and off for the last 2 and 1/2 years stopped by my house and took me on his Harley for a ride around LA. It was so much fun. He had to leave to go to a family function, but we kissed and stuff and he is going to come back over today before he heads home to San Diego. we flirt a lot in emails and texts and when we talk it is great. I still feel something for him even though I date others, but I seem to end it because I have feelings for this other guy still. I am not sure if he likes me too.. I think he does then I am not sure. Today I think I want to tell him to his face. I tell him he makes me happy all the time and that he makes me a better person and he said he is happy he can still make me smile when I tell him that I always do when I hear from him what does everyone think?

on Sunday he came back over and we were intimate and then we rode out to the beach and we had lunch and walked around and we even held hands. he then asked if I'd ever been to another bike spot I said no but maybe he could take me. I think he likes me?


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  • He may like you but he doesn't seem like he's in a rush to be exclusive.

    • I think you are right. I told him I had feelings for him and I asked how it made him feel to know that. He said if it is ok with me, the way things are now is ok with him, why fix something when it is not broke?

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