Do guys avoid having female friends if they have a girlfriend?


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  • I won't say I avoid having female friends when I have a girlfriend, but I certainly don't put much effort into making new ones, and do intentionally bring up my girlfriend early on just to make that clear, and if I do become friendly with a girl I try and introduce the girlfriend into the picture at some point early on. Maybe it's because I would appreciate the same sort of consideration from my girlfriend with another guy, but it just seems like the right thing to do to make it clear that there's nothing to read into the new friendship.
    Even with female friends that were around before the girlfriend, I like to introduce them and be around them together, partially so that my girlfriend knows who these other girls are and sees how I act with them, and partially because then the female friends can help me out if talk to them about something that's going on with the relationship or if I need help picking a gift for my girlfriend or something...


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  • It depends on how accepting or jealous is the guy's girlfriend.

  • Now there can be more than one answer to your question:

    1. It all depends on the guy.

    2. Now, if the guy is someone who has high morals, values and some core beliefs, strict beliefs then he will surely not want to have any female friends once he gets into a committed relationship. For that there can be various reasons, like he knows this is the right thing to do, he knows and understand how his partner may feel or get uncomfortable if he continues to do so, but he will not want any female friends not because his partner will get upset or dissapointed, he will be doing that because he believes it's right, according to his morals, beliefs.

    3. From point 2, if he is a man of high morals, values, and of strict beliefs, then he may continue to have female friends but will be restricted to just 1 or 2 only, and since he is highly principled, he will believe that he can take care of this and will keep very limited interaction with his female friend, he will establish strict boundaries and let him female friends know about it. If they agree he will keep friendship with them, if not he will ask them to leave, he won't need it.

    4. From point 3, if he decides to have female friends then before deciding that he will make sure he speaks to his partner, discusses all the issues regarding that, makes sure she is comfortable, assures her that she will have nothing to be feel jealous and then will decide to have female friends.

  • No not at all.
    The only time it would affect my attitude towards having friends is if she is the jealous type.


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