Confused about the situation! He has a girlfriend now? But we have sex?

Hey all, I just wanted to know what people thought of this out there, long story short I met this guy like three weeks ago, we had a few dates, had sex, we're super attracted to each other and we both love what we have, lets say it kinda turned into friends with benefits, anyway yesterday we met and he told me he had kinda like a girlfriend now, like 4 days ago, and I asked him why and he said he wanted to do something serious in his life, I am just very confused because he just met this girl a month ago, so he kinda told me he is dating her because he met her first? But he still wants what we have and I do too, he doesn't sound he is serious at all with this girl, should we still see each other? And if I do, do you think it is wrong?
Also, I left some marks on his body from the heat of the moment, and I am hoping girlfriend sees them so they break up, I feel like a horrible person for thinking this... but I do?
I forgot to say, we didn't date because he said he did not want anything serious so I said the same thing, I mean I don't want anything serious but he could have changed my mind easily, so that really adds to my confusion that now he says he wants something serious


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  • He wants to have his cake and eat it too. If you feel good about being in second place then keep going, otherwise I say move on

    • I mean it is never nice being second, but I was first, now I am second, so Im confused, I mean we talked about none of us wanting anything serious, and now he says he wants something serious?

  • It's wrong. But sometimes sex feels the best when you know it's wrong, don't you agree? X

    • Would you say it's wrong on my side, his, or both? And we have awesome sex, I've been having sex with him before he did with this "kinda gf" as he says so I feel it's unfair xD

    • Message me on here and I will tell you..

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