Is this lust that I'm feeling or do I truly like him?

There is this guy that I usually see at the store I shop at, now I work there but we work in different departments.

I would talk to him but I never felt anything for him.

We have each other's number now and out of no where every time I think of him or see him my heart beats fast and when he looks at me I feel locked in and tense and he makes me nervous

The worse part is, he knows I make him nervous
I meant to say he knows he makes me nervous


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  • You mean he know he makes you nervous...
    I say its too early to tell, but lust usually tends to happen more often and instantly so its a safer bet.

    • Thanks I missed that

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    • But I don't like my job lol I'm only doing it for the money

    • Isn't that why most people do retail? but you don't want to lose the money... so don't break the rule...

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