I don't understand this dude? He asks to see me but his follow-through sucks? He's so wishy-washy?

we both go to a tough academic college. So I get that he's busy; he's also in a band. But I'm just so unsure whether to keep pursuing him or not. I'm an attractive and smart college girl. I know he finds me attractive and is somewhat interested in me.

But basically, we met a month ago (through online... By me.. I'm such a creep, but I messaged him randomly hey). And since then, he has always been the one to ask to see me. Example, right away he asked to get coffee. We met a few days later for a couple hours & it went well & I definitely felt sparks.. I was quiet and shy though. So, he went out of state for a few days. So it was a good week and a half until he asked to see me again. He asked me for coffee and to hang out. So we met up for a couple hours again, and it went even better and I was less shy. At the end, he said to me we should have dinner this week. (This was a week and a half ago) and he never got back to me even when I agreed yes we should. I had even messaged him on Facebook asking him, to which he opened and never responded. I messaged him again once more (while on break away from school) about something random & funny, again.. Opened and didn't respond. But then, a day later he likes my picture on fb and my random pointless status. We have mutual friends and I never see him like any of their stuff. So it's like he's making a point...

Then we got back from break today and I saw him. He immediately said to me that we should get together this week.. I said the days I was busy and he said then friday! And i said sure! That sounds good! And he said great! And then we carried on our ways.

Im just wondering if he even meant it? If I should make him message me about it on a time? What if that Friday comes and he never messages me? I don't know if his inexperience with girls is making him not know what to do? I don't think he's hardly had a girlfriend and he's kinda in his own world.


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  • He's probably nervous and inexperienced. He'll get back to you by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

  • i think your assessment is correct. you should try to take the lead a bit more, but don't be too pushy. you have to make sure he wants it too. like, carrot on a stick.


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