Could my friends with benefits be developing feelings?

So a few months back I realized I sort of liked this guy I have been friends with (after him moving back in town). Anyway, one night we were at a party and we were talking, I was slightly flirting with him, but he ended up being the one making the first move which resulted in us having an intense makeout session. The next day he texted me and asked me out some time and I told him yeah BUT we ended up deciding maybe it was a bad idea since him and my ex were somewhat friends and he didn't feel right with that and neither did I but I must admit, it kind of stung cuz I liked him. Anyway, a couple of weeks passed, we ran into each other and ended up messing around anyway but it used to seem like I was the one that liked him more and wanted more than just messing around until I came to the realization that I don't necessarily want a relationship. Since then he's told me he doesn't care what my ex thinks anymore but hasn't brought anything up. We've just been messing around but lately, he's changed towards me. He's much sweeter, calls me beautiful and baby. He cuddles with me ALL night. I go to sleep and wake up in his arms, he tells me I drive him crazy, tells me he doesn't want me to leave his side and will miss waking up next to me. He also called me perfect at one point. He sends me pictures of himself (not like that) wishing me a good day. He seems to like making me laugh cuz he'll grab me and kiss me everytime he does. So, I'm not sure what to make of this. Could he be developing feelings? He seems to have done a 360 from the beginning of us hanging out but still doesn't bring up being exclusive/a relationship. Also, he's never been serious with any girl before so not sure if that adds to anything.


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  • there's always a huge possibility of that happening... the thing is not to say anything about it.


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