If the shy guy from your class dont make a move after you gave him all the signs, would you go for someone else?

You like a shy guy... you know he doesn't talk to any girl... but u still give him all the non verbal signs...
Still he doesn't make a move...
There is another guy... who has no friends in the class... he only talks to you... always chasing you... coming up to you to talk...
would you fall for him?
  • You will make a move on the shy guy.
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  • You will leave the shy guy and go for that guy who chases you.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends how much I liked him... But in my experience even if I actually ask him out the shy guy will say no 😞

    • A girl can't wait forever... and it is demoralising if you give him signs and he repeatedly does nothing about it, even if you can see he is interested.

    • He is shy... he doesn't talk to any girl...
      Why dont u say hi and start a conversation with him?

    • I have in the past... some guys are so shy no amount of encouragement will get them there. Can't continually put myself out there without getting something back occasionally.

Most Helpful Guy

  • One question... would any girl even like a guy THAT shy? I thought it was all about confidence for girls!

    • The guy is fine with his male friends but doesn't talk to girls of the class.

    • That guy is similar to me, I talk to guys but the difference is I talk to some of the girl's mostly I'm not attracted to

    • Ok ok, I get that!

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What Girls Said 1

  • I would only pursue it if he gave me a sign he liked me too. If not, I wouldn't approach him. I would never set myself up as a fool.


What Guys Said 1

  • The keyword here is "SHY" even if you give a shy guy a massive neon flashing sign that you're interested he prob won't do anything about hit cos he is shy, scared etc. ask him out


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