Is it best to listen to your head or your heart?

by heart, i take it its my gut? My head says move on, but my gut says he is confused and i shouldn't give up.

I liked a guy for a few months. i think he is inexperienced and immature like me so it's kind of difficult to understand what is happening. we had this play fighting thing going for months. our coworkers who saw would say its like if we were in middle school.

so for his birthday, my friend and i invited him out to a bar but everything failed so we threw a kickback at her house and only a few people showed up, even the girl he liked and may still like (i dont know.) he was watching me all night and kept track of everything i drank and said, and at the end of the night he hugged me and whispered in my ear and said thanks. he told my friend we are amazing for doing that for him.

so i thought he was clueless. he started getting touchy the month before this and he finally started to stand extra close. i let my friend tell him i thought he was cute and he said he knew that i liked him because someone told him. she asked him what he thought and he said he wasn't telling us anything.

i thought i got rejected but i guess i didn't since he didn't say he didn't like me. i thought he was going to avoid me so i kept to myself. sometimes he just looks down but other times he says hi and just looks in my eyes. lately, he's been bothering me more than usual. and he laughs harder at my jokes. either that or i've really gotten funnier in these last few weeks. and i've caught him staring at my butt and he's made jokes about getting caught.

he's also smiling at me a lot more now. i dont want to smother him so i dont seek him out but when we work together, he walks by a lot. im not sure if he might actualy like me or maybe he's starting to. or he's confused. but something tells me not to give up. that things just got started. but my head says im being delusional. what do i listen to?


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  • I think he likes you and shouldn't give up without knowing for sure. If your getting impatient, you could ask him how he feels or you could be more flirty so he knows your still interested in him. If he wasn't interested, I think he would of told your friend that he's not interested in you rather than say he wasn't going to tell.

    • if i ask him how he feels, he is going to make a dumb comment and will not tell me.
      I am getting impatient though. It seems like he does but at the same time, since he's not doing anything other than bother me more than usual, its confusing.

      yeah you're right. i never thought about it that way. If he didn't like me he would tell my friend that he didn't like me back. and plus, he's been bothering me more than usual. and he is picking on me so much i actually feel kind of weird about it. i try not to go over to him so much but he keeps calling me over picking on me more than usual and he keeps smiling whenever i look over at him. I don't know what to think.

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