Having eczema can stop me from having a good relationship with some one I love? ?


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  • Hell no! Have you seen the backs of my hands? They're as rough as a cat's tongue! My eczema has gotten really bad because of the medication I'm on (which severely dries out my skin), but my boyfriend loves me just the same and will even massage my hands with lotion sometimes 😊 It will only get in the way if you believe it will get in the way. It's usually our insecurities that prevent us from having meaningful relationships, not so much the things we're insecure about.

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    • Yea i use a lot of steroid creams but they leave my skin thin but i am using cetaphil cream and soap bar and i live in the caribbean

    • Well, if those help, keep using them. I personally use hydrocortisone and Gold Bond lotion for mine. The Gold Bond makes my skin peel sometimes but the hydrocortisone works just fine.

  • I am sure it has!


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