Should I go for it or not?

I've known this guy for three years, we were in an on and off kind of thing we were never a "official thing".
we tried several times but i was mostly the one to leave without saying anything because I was scared he might hurt me.. or sometimes he wasn't entirely honest. Now I want to try again, and I believe he does to, but I'm very scared, he told me he really likes me and he said that right now I'm very important for him, but I'm still insecure, I don't know If I should believe him, I'm scared that I might miss this opportunity.
Im very scared of relationships..


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  • If he has been dishonest with you in the past, the he will likely be again. Being with someone who lies won't help your feelings of insecurity. Wait for someone you can really trust. Speaking from experience.

  • The only way to know if you can honestly trust someone... is to trust them, until they give you a reason not to trust them. No one can guarantee they'll never hurt you , so as long as you can trust yourself to be strong enough to face whatever happens in a relationship then you won't feel so insecure.

    Insecurities will destroy any potential happiness in any relationship. You just have to love like you'll never be hurt and only live for the " here & now" . Instead of worrying about what could go wrong , focus on what could go right 💛😊


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