Is it normal to go days without emailing?

I met this guy three weeks ago online and we have been emailing each other, but it has been almost four days since we last chatted is that normal.


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  • This happens in the following scenarios:

    - The guy has lost interest

    - You show signs of having lost interest

    - He is shy and doesn't know what else to talk about


    I go through those situations all the time. I express my interest in someone and try to get to know them, but when you're talking online- people rarely think your intentions are serious because of the nature of the internet.

    - It's easy to show a false side of your personality online; intentional, or non intentional.

    So while this guy could have been interested in sex and noticed you weren't willing to meet him, making him move away; an alternative that is more likely- would be that he is shy and doesn't know what to talk about.

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  • That guy met other girls online too and one of them is moving faster than you were, but when things don't work out between them he'll come back with some incredulous story of a busted computer. Let me guess he asked you like 50 times if you had met other guys online.

    I tried the online dating thing 3 different times in 3 different cities while I was in the Canadian Forces and every time I found nothing but creeps and posessive freaks, I found one genuine guy the whole time but by the time I decided to take the chance and meet him he already had someone, because he had totally been playing the field, while at the same time getting totally jealous thatIhadn't taken my profile down, even though I made it clear he wasn't my boyfriend, many, many times.

  • Yep. I wouldn't sweat it, he's probably just busy. Unless he's ignoring you, you'll be fine... send him a message and ask him how he is.

    • That would be fine, but I always send the email even though he does respond so should I send him an email.

    • Well, I mean, some guys you have to chase. There are no real rules, depending on the guy. I mean, he may NOT have interest in you, but the thing is, is that for some guys it takes TIME. Girls don't seem to realize this... it takes time for people to fall for you, it's not instantaneous like it can be for women, by times. The guy I'm seeing right now? When we first started seeing each other, he never contacted me. I'm getting more from him now, a lot more. Just see what happens! Nothing to lose