Why do girls take so long when they go shopping?

I went 3 stores to get something with my girlfriend and it took me about 30 minutes. I already looked at what i wanted in the flyers at home. So then i went with my girlfriend and we were at the mall for a crazy amount of time. 3 hours!!! My legs were in pain, she was in this store for an hour and didn't even get anything lmao. She bought things from another store but she just liked to try things on and wanted my opinion ont things. After that one store i just waited outside, couldn't stand any longer lol.

Why do you girls take so long to shop? :p how can this be reduced lmao?


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  • Hehe. Went to the mall on black Friday and was there for 3 hours. Either trying to find the best deals, looking for something specific, finding something we want and its not our size (and we look for the right size), swimming through clothing to find something that's not there, taking the opportunity of the moment, or just taking our time for no apparent reason.

    I'm sure there's many many more reasons XD...

    • omg 3 hours too :o

      But can't you girls speed up the process somehow lol? There has to be a way! It took me only 30 minutes and my girlfriend 2 1/2 hours lol. My leg were hurting so i had to sit down lol.

    • Well it depends. Im sure there are some girls who have no interest in shopping. Maybe it takes you less time to shop cause you can find the things you want easier? I have to admit some of the clothing they sell for guys have cool designs so I get jelous cause I can't really buy them.(or is it just me?)
      But anyway I guess it takes less time for guys to shop cause you have less options... ? I mean think about it. Most of the guys I know wear jeans, hoodies, sneakers, and sweatpants. While the girls in my school have like different purses, jewlery and all that jack with like 20 pairs of boots. I really don't know lol. Do men ever need accessories other than snapbacks, watches and lanyards?

    • yeah some designs are cool. i dress simple really, nothing to fancy for everyday

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  • Bruuuhhh I know that feel. My mom would swear "this is the last store" or "i just need one more thing" LIAR!! I had to damn near heard her to the checkout cause along the way there she would stop and look at the stuff on display. When I was six I flat cried once lol but as a teen, I was a veteran so I knew I had to bring a FULLY charged handheld game. If my battery got a low it meant she was talking too long.

    • LMAO "If my battery got a low it meant she was talking too long". that made me laugh haha

    • I made her laugh too when I told her that lol smh

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  • I honestly don't get it ether. I'm in and out unless it's a video game store or some tech store.

    • lmao mee too. Video game or tech store i'll stay to think maybe, but all other stores i know what im getting haha.

  • I went Black Friday shopping with my boyfriend this year and he was the one who took forever haha. While I am guilty of being very indecisive in stores, at least I don't take 30 minutes to decide if I want a couple DVDs!

    • lol, i get a list of something ready and know what i will buy. But i'll deal with the "gf" struggle haha

  • Not all girls take long to shop. Some just take longer than others

  • Window shopping and trying on random clothes is fun. I don't think you can really reduce her shop time!

    • lmao. i know what im getting and im out. But next time ill tell her to kinda have an idea of what she is wanting to buy haha. But she likes to try on things and what not

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    • /that you wanted to leave soon!

    • lol i will next time. She has not gone shopping since the summer time so i guess it was understandable

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  • they like to wander around looking. i hate wondering


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