This girl is always staring at me? and accusing me of doing it too?

this girl is always staring at me, and i know she hates me, but why stare? and then she assumes i stare because of a tenth of a senond glance. or im just talking to someone and she assumes its about her. she acts like she is the center of the universe. i mean i use to like her, so she can not like that all day long but does she have to hate me like that? i can't talk to her directly and get this solved because of how she doesn't want to talk to me. so one day i figured if i had a mutual friend tell her im not interested in her any more and i date this new girl, and that i not staring and i dont want to. she said the girl didn't exist and i still liked her. which doesn't make since because i had the friend show her a picture of the girl. and worst of all the girl thinks me and the friend i asked to tell her that are dating instead. and im lik wtf?

so what can i do?
its been 2 months and she still is doing it?


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  • Like supposedly, when a girl goes out of her way to avoid you, pretend you don't exist. Act like she hate your guts, they bring up that they notice you looking at them. Makes you wonder if they hate you so bad there is some feeling there of attraction.. but no they'll never admit it

  • She wants the V


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