She likes me but where do I go from here?

There is a girl. Let's call her Jessica. Jessica is a 23 year old girl that sits across from me in my English classroom. Two weeks ago, I had an English project and I was grouped with her. We worked together on it and she started to take interest in me. We got something to eat after the project and talked for hours about ourself and hobbies, etc. She then asked about my schedule of the week and I told her. I guess I should have asked her to a movie. She told me that she has a 16 month old son, so it's hard to go out and watch a movie and such. She broke up with her ex about a year ago, but she told me that he is in our English class. He sits right next to her too. Funny right? But while we talked, there was a look in her eyes. Like it was sparkling and when I gave eye contact, it felt like it happened forever and then I zoned out for a second 😂. We talked last week and had lunch again and talked about movies and how she does yoga. I know she likes me for sure, but I am not sure what to do from here. Does she like me and what move should I make next?
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  • ask her out


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