Ex & I are still good friends. Anything else? Help?

so I've known this guy since I was little. I have always had a crush on him. & when we were older, we dated. He was my first serious boyfriend. He was my best friend & my first love. We broke up because we were both dealing with personal stuff & it was too much. We're still really good friends. We talk quite a bit. He's much more open with his feelings & so am I. I never got over him. I love him. I miss him a lot. I've brought up missing him over the years & he would just ignore it.. But lately we've been talking all day, everyday kinda thing. He's been making sexual jokes. Not very bad. & he isn't just going for sex. He isn't like that, never has been.
But I'm just so confused. I can't really focus on anything. He's all I think about. I miss him so so much. It's so hard loving someone who doesn't love you. He is seriously my best friend. He knows me better than anyone. He listens to me & helps me wit everything. We talk about anything & nothing for hours. He always asks if I'm okay, just to be sure.
Does this mean he has any sort of feelings? Do you think it's possible we will get back together? I just need help. I can't keep thinking about this alone.


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  • it means you either didn't love each other or still love each other


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