Should I just leave him alone or contact him on facebook?

I'll try to make it short.

I'm interested in a guy. He seem interested. We'll probably not meet agian, since the subject we both had is over.

I think he's interested because
-He turn around in his seat to look at me. (I'm always behind him)
-He sometimes looks for me, if he doesn't know where I sit.
-We locked eyes for about 4 seconds during the last lecture.
We're complete strangers to each other. I found a list of names of people who attended the lectures. I found him on facebook.

The dilemma is, I don't know if I should see the fact that he didn't make a move as he doesn't want to get to know me? Or if I should contact him on facebook? Would it be weird it I send a message him on facebook? I only know his name because of facebook.

Note: we're both scandinavians, and a very small google search will tell you that talking strangers and being sober is a no go in the scandinavian cultures. It's not normal to talk to people you don't know here.


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  • Find him on facebook and send him a message. Say to him, don't I know you or aren't you the guy that was in my class? Let him say yes or whatever and if he asked how you found him, just tell him he popped up on facebook as people you may know and you recognized him. See where it goes from there.

    • The people who pop up as people you may know, aren't they friends of my friends? Because him and I have no mutual friends.

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    • Okay. Thank you so much for your time and your many answers. I really appreciate it. :)

    • Why you're so welcome and thank you also for Most Helpful Guy!

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  • Yeah like post above states, just yoI had class together. More than likely they'll say hey ok, then go from there no big deal. That is the icebreaker

    • But we have never said a word to one another. Wouldn't it be weird? :)

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  • Haha I fully understand your dilemma I've got the same situation going on. Are you friends on Facebook? Or are you being slightly stalker :P I'd say do it, if he's not friends with you and you're never going to see him again what is there to loose? Other than someone who you don't know thinking you're slightly odd if it goes badly but if it goes okay then good for you!

    • Yes I'm a bit of a stalker. ;) i just thought there is a list of people's names who all attended the class, why not try to find him.
      You are quite right. I can live with the fact that he might think I'm weird, as long I don't have to meet him again. Besides he was searching for me in the beginning of our last lecture. That's must mean something.
      Thank you so much. :)

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