Want a sweet idea on how to ask a guy out on new years?

I'm trying to think of a cute way to ask this guy out on new years. We dated for 2 years and just broke up in September because I'm an idiot and its a long story. We've been talking about getting back together. And since it was my fault we broke up I'd like to do something special to ask him back out. I thought new years would be perfect since you kind of get a clean slate :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Getting back with an ex is pretty stupid in my opinion but whatever

    Just ask him out (but make sure its like 11:59 when you ask him 'wanna get back together or be my boyfriend' then as soon as he says 'yes'... You say 'finally I've been waiting since 2015 for a reply (by then it'll be new years day 00:00AM)


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't see why not, it's cute! Even cuter idea: spend the day together New Years Eve wait until just before midnight to ask him.


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