Why does my boyfriend of 6 weeks not seem to care that I don't have feelings for him?

We've been together 6 weeks, and this weekend I tried to break up with him. I was struggling to make my point, and eventually I ended up just explaining that I don't have feelings for him. I liked him at first but am feeling even just that less and less. I expected this to hurt him and have him wanting to break up too.

It didn't have that effect at all. He seems to think that this is completely okay in a relationship and says that he is happy being with me. We ended up back together, and I am just completely confused by this. He is nice to me and decent company, but I'm not more into him than any guy on the street. Why would he be okay with this?
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If you vote, especially that this is normal, then I'd love to hear why you have your opinion. This seems so crazy to me!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you with him anyway if you dont have feelings for him?

    • He is nice and likes to go out and do similar and some of the same things to what I like. Our first date was when we met, and I didn't realize until a few weeks into it that I wasn't going to have feeling for him. That's why I tried to end it, but he'd rather be with me knowing this than not be with me. Confusing.

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    • Yeah I dont really understand him, I wouldn't stay with someone who didn't have feelings for me. Maybe he just thinks that you'll develop feelings for him at some point.

    • That would make sense. I hope not though; I was very blunt about the situation.

What Girls Said 1

  • You didn't have feelings for him. Why do you care?

    Judging by his response I'm guessing he didn't have feelings for you either.

    It's a win win. Or lose lose situation.


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