First kiss?

so me and this girl I've been seeing, I'm 20, she's 18, were both university students and kinda busy so we find time in between classes, we've gone on two dates so far, both went pretty smoothly, nothing happened after the first, we cuddled a bit near the end of the second one and we hugged... I'm trying to take it slow, but I think for the third date, I wanna make it special and finally kiss her... thing is, I'm new to kissing ... and I just want it to be special for her, but I can't think of any ideas to where to bring how, how to kiss her...

If someone can throw me an idea or scenario that is romantic or sweet.. that would help a lot. I think I'm pretty romantic at heart and id like to express that, but I've been really tired and overexerted myself with my studies, so yeah, a little help would mean a lot to me, and her ;)


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  • I would say cuddling on the couch with a movie, then you turn and look at her and smile a little. Then GO FOR IT! But really she and I are probably 2 different kinds of people, so you just need to look for hints when you are standing close to one another.

    Here are a few:

    *She will look at your lips

    *Tilt her head a bit


    *Pause for a little after a sentence when you both are within-distance (not awkwardly, just after a shared laugh or a mutual smlie)


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  • I'd definitely say a lot more girls will appreciate it more if you take things slow. Especially if you say she is shy, I would advise very gradually easing into that stage. Girls like to be wooed and swept off their feet-build up the romance as much as you can before you make your move. And don't force it; go with the moment, and let it come naturally. If you wait for the right time it will be a lot more pleasant experience for both of you. Oh, and for gods sake- don't immediately shove your tongue down her throat when you do go in for the kiss. This is possibly the worlds biggest turn-off, and sadly a mistake far too many men make.

    • Lol. I know.

      when you say build up the romance, what do you have in mind? I have a few ideas but what do you think?

  • Soooooo CUTE! anyway the usual end of the date door step kiss is a classic ;P however don't try to find the the right moment let the right moment come to you. If you do it will be special and not forced.

  • well take her some were nobody knows about then when you see the glitter in her eyes slightly hug her then put your head an her neck then plant one on her

  • ?????????????

    • Whats a good time/place to have our first kiss?

      She lives pretty far away from me so it kinda sucks and our schedules are a little off.. but say I go on a date with her, what would make it special? is kinda what I'm asking lol

  • right before you kiss her, brush her hair off her face and just look in her eyes (soo hott and it makes us feel like you really want to kiss us because you like us, not because your just sexually attracted to us) then kiss her SLOW. SLOW AND SOFT. maybe with a little sexy lower lip biting..if the kissing goes on for a little bit, then iintroduce the tongue and really intimate stuff. .. while your kissing her, slowly pull her in closer to you so she feels WANTED and CARED FOR.


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  • Well it's been 9 days, but she seems to be into you allot if she already sent that text. I say go to her parents house, and then at the end of the night ask her on a date. She will most likely accept is what your saying is true. Then take her on a simple date. No restaurant that is mad cash(unless she is into that kinda thing). And btw you have to chose where your going, girls tend to like when you take control. SO maybe go see a movie and get something to eat. Or whatever else is fun where you live. At the end of the night when your saying goodbye kiss her. Like grab her hips and just do it lol. That should almost definitely work=)

    • Ya we already went on a "date" or 2.. we baked cookies together at her place, then coffee yesterday evening.. and I know about the "take charge" thing lol. I'm doing that... I just feel I haven't found the right place to have a "proper" date... but thanks for the idea.