Girls, how would you act with a younger guy who's into you?

if you thought a younger guy had a crush on you, how would you act with him? E. g. Your 30 he's 23. Also if you're a shyer girl with guys how would you be?


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  • I am a shy girl and given the age gap I would probably politely let you know I wasn't interested. I wouldn't be comfortable with it.

  • There's this 21 year old that has a crush on me.
    A 18 year old also has a crush on me.
    Although I'm huge to having the same exact age different with people , but me being the much younger one.
    It feels different the other way around.

    I still look youthful so I can see why they find me attractive.
    I don't look like some old , mature lady

    I find the fact that they like me flattering.
    I'd be open minded to younger although I wouldn't take the dating serious.
    If he's 25 and up I probably would.


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