(please read description) why dont guys reply to snaps?

I snapped someone, and we used to talk and snap a lot then its been kinda falling apart lately. I snapped him today asking him if he wanted to study for exams at starbucks with me and he opened it and didn't reply. We haven't seen each other in literally months, its just really funny because he used to be head over heels for me now its the other way around. Maybe if I ignore him he'll come back? (I tried that and it didn't work before, so I'd like a different idea and I dont excatly agree with the ignore a guy until he likes you deal)


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  • Maybe he set his on something and is trying it out. If thats the case then dont hold breath 😬


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  • He doesn't want to talk or hang out with you, if he did, he would reply. Take the hint, move on.


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