Guys, do you think of religion and lifestyle habits about the woman you're dating?

Do they matter to you?
What are your lifestyle habits and religious beliefs/practices?
Would you date a woman who is extremely pious, or would that be a turn-off?


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What Guys Said 3

  • If you really really like religion that is fine. Look at it this way... I really really like trains. If all I talked about was trains, everything I do revolves around trains, everything I show to you has to do with trains, would you be turned off? Nothing wrong with religion or trains, but they are interests that are best kept to yourself and do not push onto other people. So yes, that would be a turn off. As far as lifestyle goes, as long as she is still fun and sexy to me, no problem. The first time we can't have sex because of some stupid religion thing, or we can't do something a bit on the kinky side because she thinks it is a sin, then relationship - over!

    • So, your ideal relationship revolves around sex instead of forming a family with your partner. Got it.

    • Ok, so as long you get what you want, who cares about the guy, right? Ok, you are self-centered and very selfish. GOT IT!!!

    • Couples should be able to work out their issues and make compromises. Maybe one partner does not want sex, because she does not want to have a baby. So, the couple makes a deal. One partner gives the other partner an erotic massage instead.

  • 1. I always think of them but I don't judge unless mine are judged.
    2. Nope
    3. Be specific on habits, but I am spiritually Buddhist and religiously pagan (Kannon worship)
    4. Not a turn off for me.

  • That would be a turnoff


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