She doesn't feel same thing as I do? what should I do? will she ever feel what I feel?

we have been dating for 6 months. one day we were hanging out and i slipped and said "i wouldn't mind being with you forever" but i said that jokingly. i mean i do feel that way about her. I love her a lot. but she didn't say anything back and sat there in silence and then she told me that she doesn't feel that way. she says that she loves me and wants to be with me for a long time but she doesn't feel that its to that level. i dont get it because she says she loves me but then why doesn't she think of being with me forever? if she loves me then why not think that? dont you want to be with the person you love forever? she says she isn't looking for anybody else and she is happy with me. but it hurts me, it breaks my heart that she doesn't feel the same. i wasn't asking her to marry me... but still. i want to marry her eventually. i love her. she doesn't want to break up. she still wants to continue. but it hurts. i may be overthinking this but what if i dont make her feel that way ever to where she wants to be with me forever? what if she still doesn't feel that way a year into our relationship? should i break up with her? i dont want to but what if she finds someone else in college? the thought of that scares me so much that i dont want to suffer it if it happens, i want to go ahead and break up to save me that pain but break up alone will hurt me so much! i feel depressed that she doesn't feel that way because i had thought about buying a ring, obviously i wasn't gonna propose for another year. and i know we are only 20. what can i do to make myself feel better? we talked about all this and i told her it hurts me and she was upset. it makes me think that she doesn't want it to last long. she talked to her friends and they were like you are only 20, you'll find somebody else, like wtf? basically telling her to break up. pls tell me if this is normal. i mean its only been months so its ok. will she eventually feel the way i feel about her? how long would it be? thank you


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  • You can't make someone feel something that they just don't


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