I like a guy with a girlfriend... What should I do?

I have been friends who th this guy for 5 months and I have developed some low-key feelings for him... For awhile I thought he might feel the same way but now he has a girlfriend who is super pretty and nice and I'm also friends with... What should I do?


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  • You have to accept the fact that he's taken.
    Continue to treat him as a friend

    If their relationship doesn't work out , and you're still single let him know how you've always felt.
    However don't put on your eggs in one basket and hope things goes wrong.
    You don't know how long that will take to happen.

    Look elsewhere for a guy.
    Enjoy him as a friend.
    Sooner or later your feelings will subside


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  • Give them space :p
    Don't try to get his attention/move on


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