Is it always considered a red flag when a man doesn't keep his word?

I've been dating this guy that I met online and we have a good time. However, he has a hard time keeping his word.

For instance, he'll say things like:

"I'll call you later" but instead he'll call the next day.

"I'll send you the time/location for brunch" but then he won't. I end up having to follow up.

"Let's hang out Tuesday or Wednesday" but when I text him to follow up, he'll change the days to Friday or Saturday.

"I'll let you know about dinner this afternoon" but instead he'll let me know the following morning.

Is behavior like this always considered a red flag? Or do some guys don't realize they're doing it?

Comments are appreciated :)


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  • Yes, it never a good sign when a person does not keep their words

  • That would drive me insane


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